What is Scopic’s monitoring policy?

What is Scopic’s monitoring policy?

This policy aims to provide guidelines on how monitoring of the client applications deployed to HaaS should be monitored.
  1. For each application, we set Zabbix Web monitoring which is capable of monitoring the application from the user perspective.
  2. For each application, we will be monitoring CPU, RAM, and storage using Grafana. Grafana is integrated on a cluster level.
  3. For each application, there will be the following alert triggers (check Severity Table for an explanation about severity):
    1. Application not reachable through (Zabbix) - Severity Disaster
    2. CPU load above 60% - Severity Average
    3. CPU load above 80% - Severity High
    4. RAM usage above 60% - Severity Average
    5. RAM usage above 80% - Severity High
    6. Storage used above 60% - Severity Average
    7. Storage used above 80% - Severity High
  4. All alerts should be sent to the following destinations and handled according to the Severity Table shown below. Alert destinations:
    1. Email: problems@scopicsoftware.com
    2. SMS to all relevant Scopic’s IT Department members
  5. Each alert triggered should be logged according to the Incident Management Policy.
  6. If the Disaster Severity alert is not handled within 4 hours an automatic alert will be sent to Scopic Management for further actions.
Severity Table:

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