Application Hosting - Introduction

Application Hosting - Introduction

Welcome to the Scopic's Application Hosting introduction page.
In this page, you will be introduced to the Application Hosting offering and understand if this is the right choice for your needs. 

What is Application Hosting?

Application Hosting is part of general Scopic's DevOps Services. As part of this service, we offer to fully host client applications on our cloud accounts. Depending on the application's complexity and demands, Scopic will come up with a monthly price that will cover both server and administrative costs.
What clients get from this is hassle-free application hosting where they don't need to worry about opening cloud accounts, setting them up and paying the cloud service provider, but instead have a flat rate price that they pay Scopic to host their applications. Simply put, the main and only purpose of Application Hosting service is to keep your applications up and running.

Application Hosting service encompass the following:
  1. Set Up & Migrate: Our engineering team will set up your environment(s) on our AWS platform and will migrate your data to these new environment(s).
  2. Backups: Your data will be backed up according to our Backup & Restore Policy. In case something happens,  Scopic can easily restore your website to the  previously backed up state.
  3. Active Monitoring and Alerts: We will be actively monitoring your environments according to the Monitoring Policy and ensure that your application is up and running.
  4. Disaster Recovery: Rest assured that if the server crashes or the website goes  down, we will bring  it back up asap at no extra cost.
  5. Security: We abide by the highest security standards to ensure data privacy.
  6. Support: If you need any assistance, you can always reach us using our Support Portal.
Simply put, by using our Application Hosting service you make it our job to keep your applications online and available for your users to see.

Application Eligibility

Scoipc's Application Hosting environment is optimized for small to medium size web applications such as, but not limited to:
  1. Presentational websites and landing pages.
  2. Company tools intended primarily for internal use.
  3. SaaS systems in their early stages.
In case your application doesn't fit the Application Hosting environment, we can offer other type of DevOps Services that will fit better your needs.

Terms of Service

Please visit our Application Hosting Terms of Service page to read the full terms under which we operate.

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