Application Hosting - Privacy Policy

Application Hosting - Privacy Policy

What information does the Website store? 

Scopic can request and store data needed to provide services for you.  
We do not directly store or have access to your credit card details. Your credit card information is securely stored and processed by a trusted third-party service provider, Stripe. You can review Stripe's privacy policy for more details on how they handle your data.

How does Scopic use the information? 

Marketing and Analytics. Scopic may use your data for marketing purposes, including communication with the user about newsletters, new functionality, and promotions. Scopic strictly follows the CAN-SPAM Act when sending commercial/marketing emails. If you don't want to receive Scopic's commercial/marketing emails, you can opt-out following the instructions enclosed in the emails you receive from Scopic or contacting Scopic directly on the portal. 

Other Communications. Scopic may inform you about changes in the policies, EULA services, or send other transactional emails. 

Research and Development. Scopic may use the data for development, testing, research, to improve user experience. Scopic will retain your personal information in accordance with best industry practices and as required/permitted by law. We will store your personal information only for as long as is necessary to fulfill the purposes set out above. 

Where Scopic stores your personal data? 

Scopic uses AWS services to store information and data. AWS is compliant with international and local data protection and privacy standards. For more detailed information, please check the privacy statement of AWS.  


Scopic may amend this privacy policy at any time by posting a new version and sending you a separate notification via email. It will become effective at the time it will be published. If you continue to use the Website, it will be regarded as acceptance of the amended policy. 

Contact Scopic

If you'd like to request your information deletion and/or change the email you use for authentication, please feel free to reach Scopic on the portal. If you have any complaints about the policy or want to submit an inquiry related to your rights provided under data protection legislation, please contact Scopic Legal at 
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