SoftSync Limitations

SoftSync Limitations

6.1 SoftSync V1 Limitations

Because SoftSync is still in its first version, the application has some limitations on its functionalities. Although these limitations should not impact your usage, we are aware of them, and we plan to address them in future updates.

User synchronization:

Synchronization of watchers on ‘Add/Delete Watcher’ is not yet supported. You can only set or update watchers when other fields are updated, but SoftSync can’t trigger the update webhook on ‘Add/Delete Watcher’. 
User invitation is not yet supported. If you invite someone to a project and the application finds a user, you can define them as a reporter, watcher, or assignee. However, if you invite someone and the user is not found, the application will use the internal user instead of inviting them.

Status synchronization:

For the status sync to happen, SoftSync generates a custom field in Teamwork with the name: JIRA_STATUS to represent the Jira status as Teamwork supports only open and closed statuses. Please note that custom fields are supported only on Enterprise plans in Teamwork.

Project synchronization limitations:

SoftSync does not yet support:
i. Multiple levels of sub-tasks. In Teamwork, you can have sub-levels for sub-tasks; in Jira, you don’t have this possibility. Our tool syncs only task lists, tasks, and sub-tasks without support for structures with more than three levels. 
ii. Synchronizing tags in comments and description.
iii. Synchronization for custom fields or project lead/owner.
iv. Synchronization for text styles. 
v. Restoring actions on Teamwork.
vi. Hiding attachments from a ticket in Jira and Teamwork.
vii. Reusing an existing Teamwork attachment and adding it to a task does not trigger the update task webhook. SoftSync can’t understand that a new file was attached to the task, so it will not trigger Jira's update.
viii. Deleting an existing attachment from a task in Teamwork does not trigger the update task webhook. SoftSync can’t understand that a file was removed from a task, so it won’t trigger Jira's update.
ix. Link/Unlink: If you unlink projects and add new comments in the secondary application, the comments are not synced to the primary application when you restore the link.
x. SoftSync does not yet support the Clone/Duplicate feature in both Jira and Teamwork.
xi. If you move a time log or an epic from one project to another, SoftSync cannot synchronize it.
xii. SoftSync does not yet support the new file version feature in Teamwork projects.
xiii. If you unlink a project during the sync process, the synchronization will not stop.
xiv. SoftSync does not yet support bulk editing tasks in Teamwork or Jira.
xv. If the assignee field is hidden in Jira view/create issue screens, SoftSync won’t sync tasks to Jira.
xvi. If you change the task reporter in Teamwork, this will not trigger the webhook update.
xvii. If you import Teamwork tasks using .mpp or .mppx files, this will not trigger the webhook for task creation.
xviii. SoftSync does not yet support synchronization between Teamwork and Jira for completed tasks in Teamwork.
xix. Jira API does not allow users to define the comment reporter as an existing user. The application uses the plugin user as the reporter.
xx. SoftSync does not support the Jira Import CSV Feature. This issue is a known limitation from Jira.
xxi. You should enable start date, due date, and time estimates before defining the link; otherwise, the synchronization from Teamwork to Jira will not work. Adding new fields in the Jira view/create screen does not trigger a webhook update.
xxii. In Jira Core, changing an epic link or parent does not trigger the update webhook.
xxiii. In Jira, the epic status will not change to completed when the last task underneath it is marked as done. We will add this functionality in future versions.
xxiv. SoftSync will have a setup from the user interface to retry variables for the failed requests (This setup already exists in the back end, but we will allow users to change it in the next versions).
xxv. If a user adds a Teamwork comment, but it is deleted in Jira, Jira will return with the wrong Author for the comment. You should remove comments directly in Teamwork.
xxvi. In future versions of SoftSync, we will improve logs to provide more details about the sync status.
xxvii. SoftSync will sync completed tasks from Teamwork, even if you didn’t select the completed status to be synced.

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