SoftSync Synchronization Management

SoftSync Synchronization Management

5.1 Projects List

Once you finished setting up the integration, the first thing you’ll see is the Projects List page. This page lists:

1. Linked projects
2. Unlinked projects 

Image 21: Project Links page

On the Project List page, you can:

1. Configure project links that you already defined.
2. Remove project links by clicking on the Unlink button.
3. Bulk link projects will work similarly to the initial synchronization, but it will exclude the already linked projects.
4. Link a project – it will work similarly to the initial synchronization, but it will only synchronize one project.

5.2 General Settings

Once you install SoftSync correctly on Jira, you’ll find under the menu ‘Apps’ and ‘Manage your app’ these two pages: 

1. Project List 
2. General Settings

You can either set up general settings once the Teamwork integration/connection is defined or skip it and do it at a later stage. However, you can only skip settings after setting up the mapping for statuses because it is mandatory. To access and edit these settings, simply access the ‘General Settings’ page on your left menu.

These are the available options and settings that you can access on General Settings:

1. Global Settings 
Synchronization type settings
User sync settings
Project creation sync settings, including the link by the name
Priority/status mapping

2. Project Synchronization Settings: Includes the default sync settings used on the automatic generation of the link between Jira and Teamwork projects.
Project Description
Issue Types
Issue Type Properties:
i. Description
ii. Assignee
iii. Estimated Time
iv. Time Log
v. Start Date
vi. Due Date
vii. Comments
viii. Attachments
ix. Status

NOTE: Changing any of the general setting's details will trigger initial synchronization for all the linked projects. This synchronization may take some time, depending on the number of tasks, task lists, and sub-tasks.

You can manually link an additional project at any time. Simply click on the Link action from the Unlinked projects list. You’ll see the same settings as you would during initial synchronization. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

1. Define which Teamwork project should be linked to Jira.
2. Select the issue types you want to sync.
3. Select the issue types properties you want to sync for this specific project: description, assignee, estimated time, time log, start date, due date, comments, attachments, status. Please note that the project description is synchronized only for paid subscription plans in Jira.

NOTE: Each project can have different synchronization settings.

Image 22: Linking a Project

By clicking on ‘Configure Link’, you can change some of the chosen link's synchronization settings.

Here are the settings that you can update:

1. Issue type
2. Project description
3. Issue Type Properties:
Estimated Time
Time Log
Start Date
Due Date

Image 23: Configuring links

NOTE: If you change the configuration of the linked project, SoftSync will trigger initial synchronization, which can take some time depending on the number of task lists, tasks, and sub-tasks you have to synchronize.

If needed, you can remove the link between Teamwork and Jira project at any time. Simply click on ‘Unlink’, and SoftSync will ask you for confirmation. If you remove the link, no other data is synchronized between platforms. However, you can add links again, going to the ‘Link Project’ page.

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